PanoramaKnife Beechwood Boards

Our beechwood boards To Go.

Do you hate this term as much as we do? To go. No, not TOGO. In the sense of „Chaschmetnähh“ (you can take it with you). As if one could not take most of the things with one – if they are paid for. It is, however, suitable for our beechwood boards. They  measure a mere 15 x 23 cm and easily fit into every backpack. Or on your breakfast table, the garden table, even your bed. Anywhere where you need a beautiful base for cutting. They are available with Panorama engravings or holes (e.g. Matterhorn or animals). Latter ones are fitted with a leather string for hanging. Extremely functional and relatively low priced.

The wood is beechwood from the Lake Constance area, planed and oiled. Handmade.

Please do not put into the dishwasher. Wash by hand and  treat with some edible oil from time to time.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items