Launch new products in July and test a new Online-Shop at the same time: who does things like this?

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Of course it is the small Thurgau company PanoramaKnife. We always tell our customers what we do – at any time. They have a right to know – and we are always a little proud of all the novelties. If ordering seems a little awkward wait for the end, there will be a small goodie for you.

The vacation month of July is very important for our business for it is vacation destinations that make the blades of our knives sharp.

For example: a day trip to the Gruyere region.

The culinarily underestimated region has to offer so much that it needs a new universal knife in order to be able to cut everything. From the Dent du Broc to the Moléson. On the back we show the town of Gruyéres. A piece of the Röstigraben for only 59 CHF.

Or now in the summer: a weeks walking in the region of Portes du Soleil.

Our 2nd real panorama of the west of Switzerland: a bread knife and a cheese knife, pictured with the Swiss view. Dents du Midi as the main attraction. The bread knife will be 79 CHF and the cheese knife 69 CHF.


Nearly done, but not quite: Vacation at the Gsi-Mountain people.

Gsi-Mountain people?? That is how our neighbors from the Vorarlberg are called by the Austrians. Because they also say „gsi“ instead of „have been there“. The most beautiful peaks in front of the Arlberg saved for eternity on a bread knife, a cheese knife, a universal knife and even a pocket knife „Basic“. Basic, because it only has the three most important blades one needs. Therefore it only weighs half of the „Original“ and fits into every handbag. The „Basic“, by the way, will soon also be available as a Best of Switzerland item. Very important now – the pocket knife has handles made from Thurgau appletree wood. The other 3 Vorarlberg knives now have, that is new, walnut wood handles which all knives will slowly, one after the other, will get.

The bread knife will be 89 CHF, the cheese knife 79 CHF, the universal knife 69 CHF and the pocket knife „Basic“ 79 CHF. Cool, is it not?

And now the goodie:

During the test phase of the new shop it is quite possible that you sometimes hit the old or the new shop and have to search for the novelties for a moment. Beacause this is a little more demanding, we will give you 15 % discount on all orders. Until the end of August. Not cumulative, of course. Please use the code PK-Sommerloch when ordering.

Thank you and have a lovely vacation!

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