An alpine indulgence cooperation. Only for you.

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Fromage Mauerhofer is a 247 years old brand and a 1 year old enterprise. Two friends, sharing the same passion for the best cheese there is, have revitalised the brand.

Since Gotthelf`s times, the lowlandish and alpine cooperations sold their raw milk products to the cheese barons of Langnau and Burgdorf. The poet describes the circumstances in his work „The cheese dairy of Vehfreude“ including all the schemes, powerplays and levels of power in and around the Emmental.

Nowadays things have changed. Left are only a few sandstone cellars in which the cheese ages, is looked after and cared for. Like the one of Mauerhofer in Burgdorf. What is also left, is the very natural taste, the species-appropiate keeping of the animals, 100 % grass- and hay-feeding and the the cheese makers who work with a lot of passion and skill to manufacture a real Swiss product in small lots. Like the ones one can only buy directly from a cheese maker.

What has joined them now is the other alpine product: PanoramaKnife – the most beautiful peaks of the Swiss Alps. In this case, of course, as a cheese knife. One made for soft and hard cheese. The very same mountains that can also be found on a suitable wooden cutting board as nice inlay work.

Fromage Mauerhofer and PanoramaKnife can now make a very special offer. No, better call it two:

4 x 200 g of cheese (Bergheu, Vacharin à l`Ancienne, Rätisches Grauvieh, Frühlingsschaf) and a PanoramaKnife cheese knife „Best of Switzerland“ for CHF 99.- incl. delivery.

Or –

4 x 200 g of cheese (Bergheu, Vacharin à l`Ancienne, Rätisches Grauvieh, Frühlingsschaf), a PanoramaKnife cheese knife and a wooden cutting board, 30 x 20 cm walnut/maple wood „Best of Switzerland“ for CHF 178.- incl. delivery.

Bergheu: lovely flavoursome raw-milk mountain cheese. Made in Emmental at 1016 m above sea level, from 100 % mountain hay milk.

Vacherin à l`Ancienne: an aromatic half-hard cheese, made in very traditional ways by the master  Vacherin cheese maker Marc-Henri Horner at the county of origin of this speciality.

Rätisches Grauvieh: a stable full of pedigree Rätisch Grauvieh cows gives the organic milk for this exquisite extra hard raw milk cheese.

Frühlingsschaf: a balanced sheep cheese from Toggenburg, made from spring flowers raw milk.  Manually treated with white wine and aged for a year.

Fromage Mauerhofer and PanoramaKnife – the brand new alpine cooperation. Delivered to your doorstep directly from Burgdorf.

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