Invitation to the biggest and most important trade fair in Switzerland...

 (0)    0 we think. The people from the MUBA or the Car Show may see it differently but OLMA has a PanoramaKnife stall. And many lovely things to experience.

Once you are there, why not visit us at our stall F2. 11.

You can chat with us and test our latest products live:

1. The Universal Knife St. Gallen City with wooden cutting board. Available until the end of the year only at the OLMA, at Markwalder in St. Gallen and our Online-Shop. Beautiful, isn`t it?

2. The second Austrian motif, the Wilder Kaiser. Now that so many Swiss people do not spend their vacations in Switzerland any longer, we need motifs from our neighbour country. That is a joke, of course, but the area around Kitzbühl in Tyrol is very very beautiful.

3. Our first bread-box.
Enough room for large loaves of bread and fitting our large wooden cutting boards (Size 40 x 25 cm) with or without magnetic knife holder. Made from maple wood with the help of the handicapped of the Ekkharthof Foundation. It will be CHF 159.- without a lid (for people who already have a cutting board) and with a lid-cutting board (choose from more than 20 different panoramas) it will come to CHF 258.- in the basic version and CHF 328.- including a magnetic knife holder. What? You do not have a knife for it? Well...

Will you visit us?

If not, you can still order enjoying free shipping using the code PK-Design, until the end of October in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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