Confirmation, easter, fathers day, mothers day: two months of partying, two months of having the right presents ready.

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And in between all these dates, Grandpa, Kevin, Laura, Lucca, Heinz and Kim have their birthdays; the cold Sophie even has nameday. Does it need more reasons to take a new, closer look at PanoramaKnife? The brand for those who have everything or those for whom choosing a present is a real pain.

Here are  our lates gift ideas:

1. Our new pocket-knives design collection featuring the 9 functions of the Best of Switzerland peaks:

 The groundhog, one of the favourite animals of the alps, very strange that nobody uses it for a coat of arms. With us it gets the attention it earns.

The Mountain- or Snow-Hare which delivers the easter eggs in the mountains, they say. And gives a lot joy to their loved ones while carving.

In Ticino there is quite a flock of brown bears. As soon as one sticks it`s nose into Switzerland, it risks to be shot. As a memory to M13, Reana has designed this pocket-knife. How sweet.

The normal price for these design knives is 109 CHF.
Using the code PK-Festefeiern you will get a rebate of 10 CHF on all orders above 99 CHF.

2. The beechwood cutting board with the Matterhorn hole suitable with the Matterhorn cheese crusher:

 Beautifully manufactured with a leather string to hang it up on walls. Works perfectly as a serving board for the breakfast table. Even at easter. The price: 49 CHF. Together with the cheese crusher: 88 EUR. By the way – the cheese crusher is honed on one side – so not only cheese can be cut with it but also hard boiled easter eggs. Is that not cool?

3. The morning sin by Gottlieber Hüppen.

 A classy spread from the Thurgau – like us. Together with one of our bread-knives a real surprise gift for any occasion. Especially at Easter. Perfect time for sinning.
Price: CHF 94.70

And again: orders starting at 99 CHF will get a discount, using the code PK-Festefeiern, of 10 CHF. Valid up to the 15th of May, the day of the cold Sophie.

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