Only 26 days left: our gift sets, making choices even more difficult.

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Our small Thurgau company now offers more than 200 products. How can one possibly find the right present? Very simple – you either look online for products (Bread Knives, the new breakfast knives and so on) or for Panoramas (From A as in Amden to V like Zermatt, sorry, Valais – or Zugspitze). Why not create a very personal gift set yourself? Might even help to save some money. Here come our news and classics:

New: Our most expensive product: The Deluxe-Cutting board with drawers and 3 knives.

This one is really expensive and should serve as a gift to yourself or your most valued, since the drawer-system and the board are both handmade in Ermatingen. To suit the Panorama on the board, simply choose the fitting bread-, cheese-, or universal knife. Perhaps it is even better to choose different ones and increase the number of panoramas. Available here online from 399 CHF.

New: The same set, without cutting board, presented on a nice plaque.
Perhaps the plaque will fit into one of your kitchen drawers and ensures a tidy impression. Available here online, starting at 199 CHF. At this price, you should also be careful who you give it as a present.

Not very new: The Glass Plate, made specially for our cheese knife.
Will also hurt the budget but is well worth it. By now you can choose from 10 cheese knife Panoramas. Starts at 199 CHF.

Very, very new: a co-operation with Munz. Yes – that is the chocolate factory with the Chocolarium in Flawil.
A beautiiiiiful gift box containing 2 x 100 grams of the very best Munz chocolate, one of it with and one without whole hazelnuts, as well as 20 little Munzlis bearing the Swiss cross. On top of that our Best of Switzerland pocket knife with embroidery design for 89 CHF. Available at our online shop  or at the new Chocolarium in Flawil. A journey that is worthwhile.

Very new for mountain fanatics: Wall-Pictures with the fitting knife.
Our co-operating partner Flyerline in Altnau, on the Swiss side of Lake Constance, specializes in beautiful art prints. Using the paintings of our mountain painter Wolfram Paul from Altensteig. You can now buy them together with our bread knives. 100 cm x 21.3 cm for CHF 139 and 184.5 cm x 37.5 cm for CHF 199.

Classics already?
The two Mauerhofer Sets with the best cheese from Burgdorf and our cheese knife, starting at 99 CHF.

The co-operation with Alpenhirt. Delicious Salzis and a universal knife of your choice: from 89 CHF.

The Bärli-Biber Set with the beautiful Biber and the universal knife, from 79 CHF.

The Morgensünde (Morning Sin) by Gottlieber plus the bread knife from 94.70 CHF. Of course you can also add the brand new breakfast knife to this set.

The Peel Appeal Sets: either cheese-grater with cheese knife or peeler with universal knife, from 79 CHF.


Last but not least: our classic Sets, starting at 89 CHF.
Brand new: the Sets with the breakfast knife, either two knives or one knife and a board.

On top – our classic Sets named Alps Glow, Mountain Hike, Summiteer, boards and knives in perfect harmony. Also available with the new Mallorca Panorama.


Oh dear, we did not make it easy for you. But what would our brand be without your ideas? And – buying and shopping should also always be fun.

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