Red socks.

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People like using clichés when it comes to describing something. In other words – walkers and hikers always wear red socks. No, they don`t. Not always and not all of them. But nearly all of them carry a pocket knife. 99.999% of them are probably made by the wonderful Victorinox company. And very few will be from PanoramaKnife.

We will never be able to change that – and don`t have to – but would really like to have a small part of the market share. Our designers and laser artists are working very hard to manufacture the 9-functions Original pocket knife „Best of Switzerland“, made from Thurgau appletree wood, starting at 99 CHF. Not to forget the new basic pocket knife, featuring 4 functions and 6 favourite peaks for 79 CHF.

Brand new and only for you – a set of the 10 most popular TRAUFFER animals.

We have worked hard this summer and wrote a true story: about people who live in Switzerland and try to escape the autumn mist and fog. What drives them, what do they pack for a hiking trip, which animals can they come across and what will they do at home if the weather is not favourable. This is where TRAUFFER enters the game. Respectively our perfect hiking-set for 189 CHF, consisting of a Design-Pocket knife, 10 TRAUFFER figurines and the 36 page hiking novel, written for you with love.

Wooden cutting boards, beech, 15 x 23 x 1 cm
Design Ibex
Design Cow
Design Groundhog

And another gift for you: we give away 50 free tickets for the OLMA.Between the 12th and 22nd of October, St. Gallen will be the centre of Swiss attention. And you can be part of it. We will have a small hut there where you can buy all of our products. Including the set with the TRAUFFER animals. The first 50 that write to us under, will receive a free entrance ticket.
We would be very happy to welcome you as a visitor. 24/7 on, between the 12th and 22nd October at the OLMA. And until 31st of October at the hotel Ermatingerhof in Ermatingen.

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