Which is the most important meal of the day for you?

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Breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and supper like a beggar. What sounds like a nice diet-lie, is supported and even exaggerated by us. „Breakfast like the king of France.“ Made possible by the new breakfast knife 3 in 1 by PanoramaKnife. For the very first time – a knife that can be used for cutting, spreading butter and spooning jam or marmelade. Very practical. Coming from the area of France that also produces the Laguiole Knives. Hand made in Thiers.

The Best of Swiss Alps Breakfast Knife 3 in 1. Available in the two versions west and east, as well as with suitable cutting boards made from beechwood (23 x 15 cm). Starting at 49 CHF per piece, the Set (2 knives or one knife and one board) for 88 CHF.

Isn`t that nice? Take a look at our first ad-video, featuring the inventors of the PanoramaKnife.

We wish you an outstanding Petit Déjeuner at Christmas and all the rest.

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