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For weeks you have been deluged with merry messages about barbequing.

Coop, Lidl, Migros and many more fill the papers and TV stations with ads about meaty seductions. As if you would not know what to eat at the moment. But you do – do you not?
And you also know very well which spices and marinades you should use to better your BBQ products. And because you are PanoramaKnife customers, you also know the sharpest knives to cut the results of your fiery feast into palatable pieces.

You may, however, not know that the two family enterprises Stedy from Weinfelden and PanoramaKnife from Ermatingen now co-operate. Well, now you do.

As a customer you can now profit from a very unique and limited offer:The 3 favourite BBQ Spices (Fleisch-Gwürz (Meat Spices), Schtiek Huus Pfäffer (Steak House Pepper), Härdöpfel Gwürz (Potato Spices), the 2 most delicious marinades (Chicken and Appenzeller) and 4 of the most emotional Steak-Knives are now available as a set. Instead of CHF 139.- only for you now at CHF 119.-. You save CHF 20.- if you buy now.
Just click of the picture and arrive at your enjoyment. Including your heart.

You will overjoy them and us. The offer stays valid until – summer is over. And Coop tells us that we all have to eat venison now :-)

The PanoramaKnife table knives.

Of course for culinary items that need an ultra sharp knife: steak, bacon, Salsiz, Pizza, vegetables, tomatoes – you name it, it will cut it and everything else you want to serve your guests.
Available in a set of 4 only, but featuring the 20 most beautiful mountain peaks of Switzerland. Best of Switzerland has never before been more suitable.
99 CHF only in a nice slipcase.

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