Give away – Benefit – Gift

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Since you all were so good and bought our products,  there will be a little gift with every order until the end of March. We will explain later, first let us introduce two brand new products:

Uri: our very first knife from the very first canton.

Without Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (today Nid- and Obwalden) there would be no Switzerland. That is where the medieval heroes came from that took the oath on the Rütli in 1291 AD. That is the reason the Swiss are also called confederates. (Literally translated, Eidgenossen means brothers in oath.) Be one of them now with the 11 most impressive mountain peaks oft he first canton. Since it has more peaks than most of the others, it is more difficult to produce and will therefore cost CHF 89.-.

Winterthur: a known knife in a new design and new edition.

In 2014, when Winterthur had its 750th anniversary we introduced the Winterthur knife, featuring the anniversary logo on the back. We now have revised the design, a little lighter lasering, but showing the same landmarks of this attractive town. Oh, by the way, there is no Zürich knife – yet. Winterthur, like all the town bread knives, will cost CHF 89.-.

And now to the gift.

Some of you have already ordered the 2 Items Set. The one with the marvellous dish towels from Meyer-Mayor. Or the 4 Item Set with the cult Melamin cutting boards. Either one of them will now be given to you for free. Either a towel or a cutting board. You cannot chose, so it will come as a surprise. First we will add the towels, then the boards. Which enables you to direct the action a little. Watch out now: order above CHF 200.- will receive both – a towel and a cutting board. Not bad, isn`t it?

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