Tête-à-Tête - Couple Set. Best of Switzerland.

Original + Basic Pocket Knife + Gravur + Lunchbox

"Perfect Match" is what the dating platform would probably announce. The Best of Switzerland pocket knife Original has 10 blades with 9 tools to cut, scrape, screw, make holes, sew, pull corks, open bottles or cans. The Best of Switzerland pocket knife Basic weighs only 48 grams and has the most vital 3 blades. They... read more

229.00 CHF 268.00 CHF tax incl.

Product customization

Personalize your order here. The engraving is on the wood and is optically fitted. Simply enter text and select a font.

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*Note: Production takes about 7 working days. Please understand that we cannot take responsibility for your spelling mistakes. If we write something wrong, there will be a replacement, free of charge, otherwise no exchange.


If you want something more than just 20 letters or more than just a single knife (for giving to clients or employees) do not hesitate to mail us at info@panoramaknife.ch. We aim to please all individual requests.

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