New! Our new breakfast knife 3 in 1.

A world first and you will be one of the first ones, able to buy one. The up to now only breakfast knife that is sharp enough to really cut, that can be used to spread butter and offers a spoon to enjoy jam or marmelade.

Frühstücksmesser Brot schneiden


Frühstücksmesser streichen


Frühstücksmesser PanoramaKnife

(do not lick it!)

Have a breakfast like a god in France. Baguettes, Flûtes and Croissants but also small and delicious rolls complete the french breakfast culture which has already conquered the germanic parts of Europe. Who does not know about the organisational challenges at the table. One needs a bread knife to cut, a butter knife to spread and a spoon to load with honey, jam or Nutella. With our breakfast knife 3 in 1 all you need is one tool. The first breakfast knife with a really sharp blade. And – of course – the most beautiful peaks of Switzerland.



Frühstücksmesser PanoramaKnife OST


Frühstücksmesser PanoramaKnife WEST

The steel of the knives West and East is a Carbon/Chromium connection (X46Cr13). The blades are blue-polished, the handles are Polycarbonat and the rivets are made from stainless steel.

Also available are breakfast boards, East and West from beechwood, 23 x 15 cm, made by hand in Ermatingen.

Frühstücksmesser PanoramaKnife