Whether you believe in astrology or horoscopes or not: You are also born in or under a sign of the zodiac. Many people derive certain character traits from it, others search for the perfect strand of luck with it or have an explanation for a bad run. But almost all of them have a relation to their character.

Our Horoscope.

Sign CapricornCapricorn (22.12 to 20.01.)

The Capricorns, whether male, female or transgender, are considered reliable, structured, honest and rather serious personalities. They have high demands, also on themselves, are sometimes unyielding and hardly forgive mistakes. They are the perfect accompaniment in the life of fluttering fellow human beings, whose creative outpourings sometimes threaten to overflow. For example the Aquarius. The Capricorn brings order. Also in your life.

Sign AquariusAquarius (21.01 to 19.02.)

If you need someone who surprises you every day with new ideas, for whom routine and convention is a horror, who improvises and rebels. Yes, then choose an Aquarius in your team - or in your family. The Aquarians are human friends with a great thirst for freedom, sometimes very eccentric and they don't get stuck on anything. The Aquarius brings variety. Also in your life.

Sign PiscesPisces (20.02. to 20.03.)

If you like to mess up every now and then, maybe you don't always tell the whole truth and think you can get away with it, then you shouldn't get a Pisces. Pisces are very sensitive, thin-skinned people, have a natural radar for nuances and a flowering imagination. By the way, they are also very musical and not resilient over all masses. The fish brings honesty. Also in your life.

Sign AriesAries (21.03. to 20.04.)

Aries are always looking for a challenge. They are combative, mostly fair, but every now and then also a bit ruthless. Many are pioneers in their field, because nothing can frighten them and they like to take risks. Their heads are thrust through the wall. From time to time, however, they lack stamina and are always looking for something new. The Aries brings tension. Also in your life.

Sign TaurusTaurus (21.04. to 20.05.)

Good food, drink, sex and rock'n'roll. The Taurus knows how to enjoy life. They like everything beautiful, whether flowers or art. And they know that their lifestyle needs enough money. Their biggest fear: to lose what is fun. That makes the Taurus a bit greedy and stingy. At the same time they stand with both feet on the ground and recognize the value of useful things as well. Taurus brings sensuality. Also in your life.

Sign GeminiGemini (21.05. to 21.06.)

Gemini are very communicative, the collectors and messengers of messages, like in the hairdresser's salon. They are adaptable and flexible, even when it comes to their own opinions, they are opportunistic. "What do I care about yesterday's gossip? They are dazzling entertainers, can start a discussion with anyone, but rarely go into depth. Gemini brings stories. Also in your life.

Sign CancerCancer (22.06. TO 22.07.)

Cancers are caring people with an enormous sensitivity for the moods in their environment. At the same time they are creative, think in pictures and have a blossoming imagination, like the Pisces. Because they feel so much, they are also subject to certain mood swings. However, they draw a lot of positive things from this, for example in the artistic field. Cancers are definitely an encore. Also in your life.

Sign LeoLeo (23.07. to 23.08.)

Leos are often in the center of the action. They are leaders and feel uncomfortable if they cannot play their role. They need an audience to present themselves, but they create a lot of new ideas - especially those that make their lives easier or more enjoyable. They live according to the pleasure principle and like children. Leos say where to go. Also in your life.

Sign VirgoVirgo (24.08. to 23.09.)

You have a chaos in your life? Grab a virgo and everything will be fine. Virgos are organized, work hard, are very helpful, sometimes disgustingly perfectionist and pedantic. They are very social, even self-sacrificing and value a healthy, sustainable way of life. Virgos clean up. Also your life.

Sign LibraLibra (24.09. to 23.10.)

Libras are the hosts of the world. They have a distinct sense for beauty and nobility. They are creative and, thanks to their good taste, help others to shine. Due to their distinctive diplomatic nature they are bearable for most people, at the same time they are a bit boring; you can hardly argue with them. Librass bring harmony. Also in your life.

Sign ScorpioScorpio (24.10. to 22.11.)

Scorpios often look cool and superficial, but they are the most intense characters among the signs of the zodiac. They do things either completely or not at all. Love or hate, black or white. They uncover, they research, they resist. What you can never deny them is the passion with which they tackle projects. Scorpios show consequences. Also in your life.

Sign SagittariusSagittarius (23.11. to 21.12.)

The thinkers among us. Constantly on an inner, sometimes also physical journey in search of the meaning of a thing or even the whole life. Protection cannot be constricted or nailed. They are also receptive to the opinions of others. They are tolerant, but they also expect tolerance. They are generous and demand it. Sagittarians have a goal, but often shoot beyond it. Sagittarians think. Also for your life.

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