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Spicy and hot now comes from the Thurgau.

For weeks you have been deluged with merry messages about barbequing.

Coop, Lidl, Migros and many more fill the papers and TV stations with ads about meaty seductions. As if you would not know what to eat at the moment. But you do – do you not?
And you also know very well which spices and marinades you should use to better your BBQ products. And because you are PanoramaKnife customers, you also know the sharpest knives to cut the results of your fiery feast into palatable pieces.

You may, however, not know that the two family enterprises Stedy from Weinfelden and PanoramaKnife from Ermatingen now co-operate. Well, now you do.

As a customer you can now profit from a very unique and limited offer:The 3 favourite BBQ Spices (Fleisch-Gwürz (Meat Spices), Schtiek Huus Pfäffer (Steak House Pepper), Härdöpfel Gwürz (Potato Spices), the 2 most delicious marinades (Chicken and Appenzeller) and 4 of the most emotional Steak-Knives are now available as a set. Instead of CHF 139.- only for you now at CHF 119.-. You save CHF 20.- if you buy now.
Just click of the picture and arrive at your enjoyment. Including your heart.

You will overjoy them and us. The offer stays valid until – summer is over. And Coop tells us that we all have to eat venison now :-)

The PanoramaKnife table knives.

Of course for culinary items that need an ultra sharp knife: steak, bacon, Salsiz, Pizza, vegetables, tomatoes – you name it, it will cut it and everything else you want to serve your guests.
Available in a set of 4 only, but featuring the 20 most beautiful mountain peaks of Switzerland. Best of Switzerland has never before been more suitable.
99 CHF only in a nice slipcase.

One has to be a little mad to take part here:
Win a trip to the mountain of the mountains.

That is how east Swiss see it. And it is true, at 2502 metres height, the Säntis is certainly not the highest mountain of the Alps, but the one that enables you to see nearly all of the great peaks of Switzerland. 

We are giving away 10 Säntis train-tickets for return trips. We will draw the winners from all those PanoramaKnife fans, who will have sent us, until Tuesday after Ascension Day (6th July 2017), a photograph of a PanoramaKnife doing it`s job. Either you post it on Facebook or you send it to info(at)* It can look anything like the samples below:

The most beautiful we may use in our advertising!!

By the way – if you do not own a PanoramaKnife yet because you have given them all away as gifts but still want to participate at the competition, you can borrow one here at our Hotel Ermatingerhof (8272 Ermatingen).

And if you do not fancy taking a photograph but still want a little something – all orders until and on the 6th of July 2017 will receive our beautiful key ring as a gift.

We would really love to see from you.

Using the code PK-Porto will save you the shipping costs for Switzerland and Liechtenstein during the very same time. Well? Is that nothing?

*The winners will be notified in writing. There will be no correspondence about the competition. Cash payment and legal recourse are not possible.

What do you call your dearest ones?

We call them Bärli, Murmi or Hasi. Yes, we know that you know, we only wanted to remind you
of our new design pocket knives.

You can order them enjoying a 10 % rebate on all orders above 99 CHF until the 15th of May
when using the code PK-Festefeiern.

By the way – dearest: our customers ordered so heavily in February that we were able to support the Hotel Sternahaus in Feldis at Domlesch with CHF 4040 via the mountain help. A big thank you to all those who have donated.

By the way – dearest 2: If you are bored between the 12th and 21rst of May, why not make a trip to the MUBA in Basel. Visit us for half price at the Stand 2.2/G005. Use the code muba2017-8statt15 when ordering the tickets at and profit.

Confirmation, easter, fathers day, mothers day:
two months of partying, two months of having the right
presents ready.

And in between all these dates, Grandpa, Kevin, Laura, Lucca, Heinz and Kim have their birthdays; the cold Sophie even has nameday. Does it need more reasons to take a new, closer look at PanoramaKnife? The brand for those who have everything or those for whom choosing a present is a real pain.

Here are  our lates gift ideas:

1. Our new pocket-knives design collection featuring the 9 functions of the Best of Switzerland peaks:
The groundhog, one of the favourite animals of the alps, very strange that nobody uses it for a coat of arms. With us it gets the attention it earns.

The Mountain- or Snow-Hare which delivers the easter eggs in the mountains, they say. And gives a lot joy to their loved ones while carving.

In Ticino there is quite a flock of brown bears. As soon as one sticks it`s nose into Switzerland, it risks to be shot. As a memory to M13, Reana has designed this pocket-knife. How sweet.

The normal price for these design knives is 109 CHF.
Using the code PK-Festefeiern you will get a rebate of 10 CHF on all orders above 99 CHF.

2. The beechwood cutting board with the Matterhorn hole suitable with the Matterhorn cheese crusher:
Beautifully manufactured with a leather string to hang it up on walls. Works perfectly as a serving board for the breakfast table. Even at easter. The price: 49 CHF. Together with the cheese crusher: 88 EUR. By the way – the cheese crusher is honed on one side – so not only cheese can be cut with it but also hard boiled easter eggs. Is that not cool?

3. The morning sin by Gottlieber Hüppen.
A classy spread from the Thurgau – like us. Together with one of our bread-knives a real surprise gift for any occasion. Especially at Easter. Perfect time for sinning.
Price: CHF 94.70

And again: orders starting at 99 CHF will get a discount, using the code PK-Festefeiern, of 10 CHF. Valid up to the 15th of May, the day of the cold Sophie.

Give away – Benefit – Gift

Since you all were so good and bought our products,  there will be a little gift with every order until the end of March. We will explain later, first let us introduce two brand new products:

Uri: our very first knife from the very first canton.

Without Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden (today Nid- and Obwalden) there would be no Switzerland. That is where the medieval heroes came from that took the oath on the Rütli in 1291 AD. That is the reason the Swiss are also called confederates. (Literally translated, Eidgenossen means brothers in oath.) Be one of them now with the 11 most impressive mountain peaks oft he first canton. Since it has more peaks than most of the others, it is more difficult to produce and will therefore cost CHF 89.-.

Winterthur: a known knife in a new design and new edition.

In 2014, when Winterthur had its 750th anniversary we introduced the Winterthur knife, featuring the anniversary logo on the back. We now have revised the design, a little lighter lasering, but showing the same landmarks of this attractive town. Oh, by the way, there is no Zürich knife – yet. Winterthur, like all the town bread knives, will cost CHF 89.-.


And now to the gift.

Some of you have already ordered the 2 Items Set. The one with the marvellous dish towels from Meyer-Mayor. Or the 4 Item Set with the cult Melamin cutting boards. Either one of them will now be given to you for free. Either a towel or a cutting board. You cannot chose, so it will come as a surprise. First we will add the towels, then the boards. Which enables you to direct the action a little. Watch out now: order above CHF 200.- will receive both – a towel and a cutting board. Not bad, isn`t it?

Help to help.

A hotel can be as personal or as charming as possible – however, without a toilet or a shower, nobody wants to stay there. Even the Sternahaus in Feldis in the Domleschg needs a renovation desperately. Together with PanoramaKnife and the Swiss Mountain Aid you can help to secure the future of this unique hotel.

Dear customers and friends of the PanoramaKnife.

For once we do not have any product news, combined offers or rebates to communicate. We want to help to help. In a time when a lot less is being donated than for example shortly before christmas or after big catastrophies.

So – for each of your orders between the 26th of January and the 28th of February 2017, we will donate CHF 20.– to Daniela and Dominik Hächler of the Sternahaus in Feldis for the inevitable renovation of their hotel. The nice one for you – it will cost you nothing, on the contrary, we will give you the CHF 9.– shipping costs on top to enable you to help as much and as uncomplicated as possible.

To make this work for every order, please use the code PK-Berghilfe and write „Sternahaus“ into the remarks. Or you order by phone: 041 71 663 20 35 or by E-Mail:

We will inform you at the end of March how much we will have generated for this small, unique mountain hotel. 

Thank you so much and kindest regards
Andy and marie-Anne Hostettler-Cobigo

P.S. In future, we will get more and more engaged for the Swiss Mountain Aid. This foundation supports people who make sure that our beautiful mountains stay alive and as they are. You can, of course, support the Swiss Mountain Aid directly without having to buy something from PanoramKnife (smile). Simply use the donations account 80-32443-2 (IBAN CH44 0900 0000 8003 2443 2) or donate via the homepage



The only mountain pocket knife will now be even more homy.

PanoramaKnife manufactures new Special Design Editions of the pocket knife. Our designer Reana Hostettler has designed them and our Laser Artist Salomon Leu of Urwyler&Hostettler has engraved them into the shell made from Thurgau Appletree-Wood.

Please choose from the wonderfully rural motifs featuring real Swiss cows, an ibex and classic embroidery which can be found on the original Swiss cow bells or cow collars.

The new designs will be a little more expensive than the „pure“ pocket knife, asking for 109 CHF instead of 99 CHF. The gift box including knife, chain and leather sheath and it`s use as a lunch box, will be 149 CHF. There is, however, a lot of love and craftmanship in it. Is that not nice?

The cheese knife Valais.

The french swiss have put on some pressure: more than once they have asked us to produce a Valais cheese knife in the panorama style. Now they can buy it and you: our renown quality showing the most important mountains of the Pennine Alps.
69 CHF only. 

Talking about cheese: another novelty:
Our first cheese crusher.

Big size for big connoisseurs. We always wanted to make one. But we had to find a way to manufacture the handle from the right kind of beech wood. On top: „Who wants a cheese crusher when Sbrinz gives one away for free?“ Well, yes, but not such a beautiful and valueable one. And on no account one bearing the shape of Switzerlands most famous mountain. The... well – look it up yourself. 39 CHF.

Last but not least: our blade guard.

We would not have needed it, but because we always listen to our customers we have produced one. Or, rather, the Prima Pelle company from Ticino has. Made from cow hide, very soft and perfect for your knives and fingers. The protector is available for Bread- and Universal Knives. The noble item sells for 19 CHF.

Blade guard for bread knife
Blade guard for universal knife

Our touring edition.

Switzerland is a country full of drivers but also a country full of Alpine passes. There are more than 50 passes that are situated at 1200 metres above, let`s say the dutch sea level.

These passes connect our valleys which in turn only exist because we have a lot of great mountains. Who is surprised then when Mr. and Mrs Swiss as well as thousands of tourists greatly enjoy to conquer these passes by car? Just for fun. They are touring. And for the same reason they reward themselves with a souvenir which up to now, did not even exist: the one and only pocket knife that uses the mountains to cut, screw, carve, drill and open. Available featuring five different passes, designed by Reana Hostettler and produced by Salomon Leu.

Pocket Knife
Best of Switzerland
Julier Pass
Pocket Knife
Best of Switzerland
San Gottardo Pass
Pocket Knife
Best of Switzerland
Furka Pass
Pocket Knife
Best of Switzerland
Grimsel Pass
Pocket Knife
Best of Switzerland
Grand-Saint-Bernard Pass

To top

Over 120.000 people already own a PanoramaKnife.

Our slogan „For people who have everything“ is slowly losing bite, so we permanently have to think up new ideas or co-operations in order to keep it fresh and exciting. This, of course will bring wonderful gifts to your table of presents. Made by carefully selected partners whose quality corresponds to that of the knives. And which will, given as a set, evoke lots of joy.

Here is our selection for you and your loved ones, available a tour online shop:



"Gottlieber Morgensünde"
with Bread Knife

"Appenzeller Bärli-Biber"
with Universal Knife

Invitation to the biggest and most important trade fair in Switzerland... we think. The people from the MUBA or the Car Show may see it differently but OLMA has a PanoramaKnife stall. And many lovely things to experience.

Once you are there, why not visit us at our stall F2. 11.

You can chat with us and test our latest products live:

1. The Universal Knife St. Gallen City with wooden cutting board. Available until the end of the year only at the OLMA, at Markwalder in St. Gallen and our Online-Shop. Beautiful, isn`t it?

2. The second Austrian motif, the Wilder Kaiser. Now that so many Swiss people do not spend their vacations in Switzerland any longer, we need motifs from our neighbour country. That is a joke, of course, but the area around Kitzbühl in Tyrol is very very beautiful.

3. Our first bread-box.
Enough room for large loaves of bread and fitting our large wooden cutting boards (Size 40 x 25 cm) with or without magnetic knife holder. Made from maple wood with the help of the handicapped of the Ekkharthof Foundation. It will be CHF 159.- without a lid (for people who already have a cutting board) and with a lid-cutting board (choose from more than 20 different panoramas) it will come to CHF 258.- in the basic version and CHF 328.- including a magnetic knife holder. What? You do not have a knife for it? Well...



Will you visit us?

If not, you can still order enjoying free shipping using the code PK-Design, until the end of October in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Our first magnetic wall.

A beautiful board made from nutwood with maple-wood inlays that, thanks to
invisible strong magnets and the hanging devices on the back, becomes a magic
magnet wall. Showing the most important Swiss mountain peaks –
Best of Switzerland. Suitable for our knives, dish towels and wooden cutting boards.

Pretty pretty nice. Available in two sizes. Helps you to keep your kitchen organised or serves a keyholder next to your apartments door. Enjoy it.

22 different Bread Knives, 16 Universal-, 5 Cheese and a Pocket Knife. Thank you!

All that in less than three and a half years. Thank you so much dear customers. You drive our family. You wish for new regions and new functions. We will do our very best. Sometimes we think it is crazy what happened during this short time and cannot wait to present a new product. 

It goes without saying that our own talks at the table have changed due to your loyalty to our knives, cutting boards and fabrics. All we want is to make sure that you know that we immensely enjoy to experience a brand, together with you, that triggers so many emotions. And we will not rest, oops, that happens to be the UBS slogan and they probably need it more than we do. We have you. That is more than enough. Thank you!

What is the smell? Salmon?

Good thing that there is "Dörig Fisch", for René Dörig is the absolute salmon expert. He holds the representation of Scotland`s hottest smokehouse for sustainable smoked salmon. Dörig has found out that our universal knives cut the back fillets of his fish in an optimal way. He will send those, in combination with the knives, all packed into a refined cool box, to your home or that of your clients.

Our combination offer for you:
1 PanoramaKnife Universal Knife of your choice and 400 g of fillet of the „Royal – St. James". There is no better way to celebrate Pentecost or to surprise clients or friends. The price: CHF 109.- plus CHF 9.- shipping costs. Deliverytime approx. 5 days.

Our latest wooden product:

The fantastic kitchen board with milled groove ( 50 x 32.5 x 4.5 cm) from
Ermatingen. Showing the „Best of Switzerland“. The front will grace your
kitchen workspace and the back is a cutting board with a milled groove.
For expensive, but valuable 249 CHF. Cannot do it cheaper, but it is very beautiful.

Our spring idea.

We have put the mountains into chocolate. And the chocolate into a lovely gift set.  4 bars (surprise) in a wonderful lunch box which can be re-used forever. All for the superhyperspecialprice of 29 CHF instead of 33 CHF.

By the way, here is our latest knife. The cheese knife „Berner Oberland“. Our fifth, showing beautiful peaks and Eiger/Mönch/Jungfrau for spiking tasty lumps of cheese. The price: 6.90 CHF per mountain, which comes to 69 CHF.

February-News. Only for you.

Our first knife of Lenzerheide.

Showing the view onto one of the most beautiful holiday places of Switzerland, 
surrounded by noble peaks. For a small everyday holiday for unique 59 CHF.
Please click here:

Our first partner offer with Peel Appeal.

A small but very nice family company, also from the Thurgau, has developed the probably most beautiful vegetable-peeler as well as the most practical cheese-grater in the cooking history of mankind. The universal peeler and our universal knife „Best of Switzerland“ are available as a set for 79 CHF instead of 84 CHF. The cheese-grater and our cheese knife „Best of Switzerland“ will only cost you 89 CHF instead of 94 CHF. Simply click on the pictures.

Our February present for you:

The sought after breakfast boards made from melanin, for cutting and serving. Heat-resistant up to 150° celsius. Orders exceeding 100 CHF will get one of these boards free. Until the 15th of March 2016. Exceeding 150 CHF will get you 2 boards and offers over 200 CHF will make you the proud owner of all four different breakfast boards.

We are very proud.

The fact that Robert Niederer, yes, the one from Glasi Hergiswil,
has developed and distributes a cheese-plate, made specially and only for PanoramaKnife cheese-knives, is like being on New Years Honors List for our brand. The Glasi products can be found in every Swiss household. For the last 199 years. Maybe a PanoramaKnife can also be found in one oft he households. Well, one is allowed to dream. In any case – this is the way to the offer. As a set – or by single piece. Yeah.

Give me something sweet – otherwise I will loose sharpness.

You may think us crazy. But the success of our very young brand PanoramaKnife inspires us to take two bold steps, celebrating our third year. A big thank you to all of our customers, male and female.

Beginning in October the first PanoramaKnife pocket knife will be available, manufactured manually in Premana (IT), but still more Swiss than any other pocket knife. Apart from the cork screw all other tools will function with one of the most beautiful and important Swiss mountain peaks. Check yourself. It will cost 99 CHF. When ordering until the 30th of September, you will profit by saving the shipping costs by using the code „PK-Sackmesser“.

Another crazy idea, requiring a lot of courage is PanoramaChocolate. But what is more obvious than Switzerland, mountains and knives? Exactly – Swiss mountains and chocolate. Both make fabulous gifts. We co-operated with Chocolat Stella/Bernrain from Kreuzlingen and have developed a wonderful milk chocolate, featuring 37% of cocoa. Available from September at many Tourist-Shops and important special shops. You can also order online from us (only 4-piece sets in a functional lunch box). We will, of course only ship it when the weather allows. Right? Melt!

Vive la France!

Slowly but certainly the PanoramaKnife conquers the European Community. After Austria and Germany we now
have two motifs from France. The Universal Knife Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur showing the most beautiful landmarks and buildings of the south of France and, who would have thought that, a Cheese Knife featuring the most important landmarks of the city of lights, lovers and fashion.

Your barbeque has never been so sharp.

PanoramaKnife starts the new season with 4 new models. The existing 9 Universal Knives will be supported by 4 very special new ones. 2 of them bear city panoramas. For the first time in Switzerland one can get the, designed and drawn by Reana Hostettler, city panoramas on an Universal knife. This will also support the touristic regions. Well, they seem to need it. Wonderful presents for yourself or your best friends. On top, the long awaited Lake Geneva and Churfirsten (the latter being the perfect peak for both sides).

These 26 cm long knives (15 cm blade) are perfect for all kinds of meat. Juicy steaks, bacon, Mostbröckli or Salsiz from AlpenHirt but also for Pizza or tomatoes. They cut better than common knives because they have the very special serrogated grind fom the knife forgery Klötzli in Burgdorf.

Summer can come - yeah!!!!

A perfect fit.

Two Startup award winner team up for a special offer. Adrian Hirt, a young entrepreneur who has won the Start Award in Graubünden for his honest and transparent refinement of Bündner Meat, based on old traditions now co-operates with PanoramaKnife. This means that us two small ones will support each other wherever we can. At trade fairs, exhibitions and tastings - and with combined offers.

Just look at these 2 fabulous gift boxes:
200 g of the world`s finest Bündner Meat, the Universal Knife and a noble cutting board for 189 CHF. Or 4 AlpenHirt mountain Salsiz with an Universal Knife for 89 CHF. 

Available online only or at the AlpenHirt in Tschiertschen and the Hotel Ermatingerhof in Ermatingen.

Since x-mas will be coming soon: 

Our gift sets.

A knife and a board. A knife and the knife-block. A knife, a board and the knife-block. We are still in the kitchen.
Or on the dining table. Real mountain aficionados, however, can not use a Victorinox knife on a PanoramaKnife
cutting board. Or a panoramaKnife on a marble slab. In order to stay reasonable with the pricing the rule is: the more you order the fairer the set prices will be. Of course we want to make a revenue. But we do not want to rip our customers. Christmas should stay a feast for all of us.

Hello neighbours!

It is not as if everybody in Switzerland already has a PanoramaKnife, but our little family business dares to take the
step over the lake, as seen from Ermatingen – just in time for christmas.

We have often been asked and encouraged by the KaDeWe, to also offer german panoramas. So we will start this with two highlights. „Zugspitze“ seen from the Munich Olympiaberg and „Berlin“, probably the most beautiful of city panoramas – until now. The two views are now available as bread knives, universal knives (for snacktime) and the respective cutting boards made from walnut wood and maple.

Right, dear neighbours, suppress your usual reluctance and give something that hardly anybody owns. To people who have everything. Or fight your homesickness if you live in Switzerland already.

Bread Knife
Universal Knife
Wooden cutting boards

Bread Knife
Universal Knife
Wooden cutting boards

Delivery before christmas! Step on it!

Dear friends of PanoramaKnife!

There is a clear christmas spirit in our little hotel. In order to receive your presents in time, people from Switzerland should place their orders before the 18th of December. For Germany it should work, if placed before the 16th.

You can, of course, order later, but then we cannot guarantee delivery in time. Please also note that we are out of stock for some products. They are marked in the shop. In case of emergency look at our dealers list, some of them might still have the desired item.

Our family is growing.

Dear customers!

In a few days we are expecting the „Best of Graubünden“ Bread Knife, the Universal Knife and the the one with the „Best of Switzerland“ markings. By the way, did you know that there is a wooden Cutting Board for nearly all our Panoramas? Large, 40x25 cm, plain or with a magnetic knife holder. And small, suitable for Cheese Knife and Universal Knife, 30x20 cm. We manufacture them in Ermatingen!!!! The wonderful dish towels come from the Toggenburg. Yeah, have fun choosing. Isn`t it fabulous that we have come such a long way so that our clients now have to actually search for their favorites?

Will it never stop?

No. As long as we have ideas and your support, it would be quite stupid to stop producing new and beautiful things
for you.

Today we have two wonderful announcements to make:


Our first All-Purpose Knife.

Perfect for steak, bacon, dried meat or pizza. Version Berner Oberland. Six further panoramas are available from September. We have learned that Asians do not eat bread or cheese and therefore neither need bread knives nor cheese knives. The success of the PanoramaKnife rests completely on the shoulders of natives and our fans in Europe. Now there is a PanoramaKnife for those who already have everything. A little bigger than a normal steak knife making it ideal for everything that has or wants to be cut. Good fort he afternoon snack at home or an alpine hut. Yeah.


Our first PanoramaKnife for Graubünden.

The holiday corner of Switzerland has endless amounts of mountains but not many coherent panoramas. That is why we start with a cheese knife „Best of Graubünden“ before we work our way through all the valleys. By the way – the Bündner, even their tourist offices are a little cautious. They have not yet realised what an important role a PanoramaKnife could play for their tourist towns. If you know somebody who wants to move things – let us know.



Our first PanoramaKnife textiles.

Perhaps we are taking it a step too far, honored ladies and gentlemen. But it is so much fun to offer our brand for
the complete eating, cooking and table wear segment. The mountain panoramas are so beautifully emotional that they make ideal presents. Even for giving yourself a gift. The kitchen towels from the traditional Toggenburg company of Meyer-Mayor complement our knives, our wooden and slate products in an ideal way. Made from best Swiss Hotel-Quality in half linen and if someone wants to know how high the peaks are - well that someone simply needs the according PanoramaKnife. Have fun!

Variety is the spice of life.

Four new products turn spring into something worthwhile. We are happy to be able to introduce four new products
at the same time. The Best of Switzerland PanoramaKnife, made especially for the Swiss Tourism Heritage foundation. It lets you cut with a collection of the most beautiful of Swiss mountain peaks. At their bases one will find hotels: small and large ones as well as palaces. The heritage of Swiss tourism.

Much older is the slate which we now use for making beautiful cutting boards and coasters. The dark, hard slate comes from Oberfranken in Germany and is seen as one of the most functional and beautiful in the world. There will be seven different ones, featuring our most favorite panoramas.

Another object of cultural value is the breakfast board, manufactured in Germany since the fifties. We have produced 4 important panoramas which exactly fit the respective knives – and can only be bought as a combination offer online. The boards cannot be found at retailers.

Best of Switzerland
Bread Knife
Slate Products
Breakfast Boards


Perhaps you did not know this – all our knives are handmade. Beginning at the little workshops above Como, the hands of the members of the manufacturing families touch them at least 18 times. The wooden handles need 4 steps to make them. If you also count the controlling, packaging and posting at Ermatingen, each knife experiences 25 loving touches. Instead of industrial production. Just look at the two pictures.

Our very first truly limited edition!


Exclusive in more than one way. Limited to 600 pieces only. Let us tell you a little story about this. A Gstaad company builds very exclusive houses for a very exclusive clientele and was in need of an exclusive christmas present. What could be better than an exclusive PanoramaKnife? And since the 1. of January we are allowed to offer it to our favourite customers, in other words, you. It costs 89 CHF because there are not very many of it and the basic manufacturing costs have to be met. Cut your bread like the royals. Cool, is it not?

Our very first town panorama.


They do not have mentionable mountains. Instead they have a 750 year long history of independence. And lots of beautiful buildings. Nice ones, practical ones, important ones and famous ones. And because the inhabitants of Winterthur are in reality the faster Zurichers, they now have something no other town has: click here and it will soon lie on your kitchen table!

Our first cheese knife.

One of the most popular foods in Switzerland is, without doubt, cheese. All sorts of cheese. Hard, soft, creamy, melting or smelly. And in order to keep our hands clean when cutting cheese we need a cheese knife. Now you can cut and share your cheese in style. And pick up the morsels with the Matterhorn and the Finsteraarhorn. While admiring the other important Swiss peaks at the same time.

Our first hole.


Angelo Ferrari has made it possible. The cutler in Schwanden and Näfels enabled us to produce this incredible special edition. He wanted a PanoramaKnife showing the view from Glarus, not from Zürich. But he added something on top: Every year on the 12th and 13th of March and on the 30th of September and the 1st of Oktober, and only then, the sun will shine through the Martinsloch (Martinshole) directly onto the church at Elm. So if you hold it correctly under your kitchen lamp – it will burn a hole into your bread.

The Churfirsten. Commitment always pays.


If it had not been for Andreas Klinger and his friends and the Toggenburg Tourist Office, this PanoramaKnife would not have seen the light of day. Or not as fast. Andreas founded a facebook-group which nearly forced us to transform one of the most beautiful mountain chains of eastern Switzerland into one of the sharpest knives in the world.
The Toggenburg Tourist Office understood that theses knives can be of great value for the Toggenburg tourism and motivated the funding partners to support them. Now we are manufacturing it. Like from the Toggenburgers for the Toggenburgers. And all those who also love these marvellous mountains. It now goes into production. But you can already order it. It will be delivered beginning 10th of October. Congratulations to Andreas and – thank you Toggenburg Tourist Office. Let us call this „crowd urged product development“.

Our „little county“.


So sweet. That is what most people think about Liechtenstein. Even though they now are a full member of PK3. Like the G8, the PK3 is the expression of a certain market force. In our case related to the amount of PanoramaKnives per household. We believe that Liechtenstein will soon overtake it`s PK3 partners Switzerland and Austria. Not because of the large amount of knives but because of the small amount of households. We are proud to have you with us. Buy from us or directly from Patrick Greuter, Exordium, Media & Consult AG, Meierhofstrasse 2, 9490 Vaduz.,, Tel.: + 423 262 91 50

Our first one in a foreign country.


Well, foreign country... the Austrians are quite similar to us. And if we plan to found an autonomous Alp-Republic they will probably support us. Even the famous Ötzi knew where to die in style. In the divine Austrian Alps. It is a certain lie when people claim he had a stone PanoramaKnife with him. But if he had had a Grossglockner PanoramaKnife, he surely would have made it home. Because it will cut the hardest of bread easily.


Our 7th: PanoramaKnife fills up the Röschtigraben. (Imaginary border between the german- and french-speaking Swiss.)

Lac Léman.

Our first cutting board!

Listening carefully to our customers gave birth to another special design: a cutting board for the PanoramaKnife. Designed as a universal cutting, chopping and serving board. Knowing that our PanoramaKnife not only cuts bread, and if, producing way less crumbs, we abstained from lattice bars. Therefore it can be elegantly used to serve alpine cheese and meat specialities.

For details about the two versions of the board as well as interesting package offers (cutting Board + PanoramaKnife), see accessories and our online shop. It is deliverable from the beginning of June.

Our 4th, our 5th, our 6th.

Lucerne, Valais, Zurich.

Going strong: one after the other. Seeing that we do not want to neglect any region we are working furiously on new panoramas. Very soon the knife for the perfect breakfast will also be available for Lucerne, Valais and Zurich. Order now at our online shop!

Our 3rd.

Saas Fee.

Thanks to Frau Egger of the Saas Fee city butchers. Because of her there is now a PanoramaKnife featuring the highest Swiss mountain that actually rises completely in Switzerland: the Dom. Did you know that? The Matterhorn and the Dufourspitze may be higher but only parts of them are in Switzerland. Right. In Saas Fee you can buy the PanoramaKnife with the plastic handle and online you can order it with the rosewood handle. Beginning mid-March the Matterhorn will follow as well as the central Switzerland knife. Well, well, lots of lovely news.


The PanoramaKnife now has a partner:

We are co-operating with PeakFinder.

PeakFinder is by far the most successful swiss paid App. Suitable for Apple- and Android devices as well as PC and Mac. More than 300.000 people worldwide are using it for walking and climbing. At the moment, it is available for Europe and North America. Wherever you are, PeakFinder will recognise the mountain peaks you are looking at and will show them in panorama pictures while at the same time naming them. A special binocular function will name even the most distant peaks. Just load the App onto your smartphone and you will find a little surprise under Info/Products. Isn`t that cool?


Our first one.

Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau.