When iron or steel comes into contact with water and oxygen, rust can form. Aha, interesting, but what does this mean for my panorama boat? Usually the culprits are not the knives themselves, on which the rust spots form. Rather, rust in the rinse water comes off other dishes (e.g. screws on pans, old potato peelers or enamel pots) and is transferred to the knives. Rust can also form on lower quality stainless steel crockery due to the reaction between moisture and detergent. This is why we speak of so-called “rust film”, which only adheres to the surface and is therefore easy to remove.

Do I have to remove flash rust immediately?

Basically, you don’t have to panic if you discover rust on your Panoramaknife knife. However, it is advisable to remove it as soon as possible to prevent the formation of pitting corrosion (pitting corrosion). Pitting corrosion occurs in the form of small black dots and can cause lasting damage to the affected area. The acid contained in many foods causes chlorides to penetrate into the holes in the protective layer of the stainless steel, which can further intensify this undesirable process.

Okay, got it. But how do I get rid of this rust film?

Home remedies work best. You do not need to use a chemical mace. Our hints:

1. Lemon juice or lemon concentrate

A few splashes on a cloth and rub the rust spots with it. Then rub with a cloth. You can also simply put the affected parts into a lemon juice bath overnight.

2. Cola

The phosphoric acid it contains transforms the rust-brown iron oxide into colourless iron phosphate. Pour the cola into a container and place the knife (only the blade!) inside. Let it work for a few hours. The rust will then come off by itself. If not, you can polish it with some aluminium foil. The acid also forms, together with the iron ions, a layer of iron phosphate that can protect against new rust.

3. Glass ceramic cleaner

Simply apply to a cloth, rub in well and then rinse with water and detergent.

All right, sounds great, but can I contribute something to prevention?

Yes, you can! If you put a few loosely crumpled balls of aluminium foil in the cutlery basket, this will not prevent the formation of rust, but it will give the rust priority and spare the knives. This is because aluminium foil is less noble than cutlery. You should change the beads every 5 – 10 rinses. But it is still easy to find the cause of rust! If there are no rusting metals in the dishwasher, this may also be due to a defective washing basket. Its plastic coating can easily be damaged by sharp objects. The metal underneath comes into contact with water and begins to rust. In this case you should replace the basket.

If our tips do not help you, please contact us! We will help you to make your knives shine again in new splendour!

Cordially, your Panoramaknife Team


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