Best of Switzerland

A collage from the most famous Swiss mountains. Among others with the Matterhorn, probably the most photographed mountain in Switzerland with its 4478 meters. The Säntis, which at 2501.9 metres is not quite as high, but so striking that it can be seen from afar. The Dufourspitze, the highest mountain in Switzerland, at 4634 metres. Not forgetting Mount Pilatus, around which dozens of legends and destinies entwine. It is said that witches, giants and dragons live here… The Bernina Massif in Graubünden, which is a feast for the eyes in every season and of course the Jungfrau (4158.2 m), the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, the star of the triumvirate together with the Eiger (3970 m) and the Mönch (4107).