Honey / Breakfast Knives

There’s a knife for cutting the bread rolls, a small spoon to get at the jam or the honey and yet another knife for spreading the margarine or butter on our toast… Sound familiar? We thought so! That’s why we’ve developed this Panorama Knife for you. It allows you to take care of all of these tasks effortlessly using just a single knife. We developed our Honey and Breakfast Knife together with three young beekeepers from Pfannenstiel in Switzerland. The three boys saved their great-grandfather‘s old apiary from falling apart a few years back and quickly learned the art of beekeeping. And they did so with great success since their Pfanni-Honey has been very well received and they now sell their products in their own honey store. We are really happy working together with them and decided to create two panoramas for this fantastic knife as a result: one with the panorama of Pfannenstiel on it and one with Switzerland’s most famous mountains on it, the “Best of Switzerland” panorama. Have a great start to the day!