• Bern City. Our political capital.

    For a lot of people also the capital of charme. If only for their sweet and charming accent. The majority of these somewhat cosy and comfortable inhabitants still live in stately medieval buildings. They have always preferred to sort out their conflicts amongst them – therefore everything still stands strong. A must see.


  • Lucerne City. Pocket-sized.Switzerland.

    If Bern is the political capital of Switzerland, Lucerne can be seen as the capital of Swiss tourism. Surrounded by perfectly cut mountain silhouettes tourism developed early at the end of the Vierwaldstätter lake at the edge of the cradle of Switzerland. One can find, next to a lot of landmarks and memorials, a very fine piece of hotel infrastructure from the Belle Epoque. If you have seen Lucerne, you have seen a typical piece of Switzerland.


  • St. Gallen City.

    The town between Säntis and Lake Constance. More church, monastry and culture is hardly possible. Centuries of tradition, the cradle of the Swiss textile industry, the economic force at large. So much beauty, concentrated on some kitchen utensils which can do a lot more than simply serve an OLMA fried sausage. We are nearly a bit proud that they are also very practical.


  • Winterthur City. A town writes history.

    Vitudurum, Winterthur or just Winti. For over 750 years this nice and small part of the world enjoys the town ordinances and privileges. During this time industrial history was written here as well as cultural history.
    What you are looking at right now is knife history. Winterthur was the very first town that has it`s own PanoramaKnife products. The development of the town, documented through the most important buildings and monuments – all on very sharp blades and beautiful cutting boards.


  • Finally. Zurich.

    Many have been waiting for that, after Berlin, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen, even Winterthur, we will show the largest city of Switzerland. It has such a large amount of landmarks and views, one can hardly decide which ones to use. We have made a choice for you, in cooperation with friends and customers from Zurich and hope that you will like it. As a memory or motivation for a trip incorporating cultural, sporty or shopping experiences.    


  • "O Thurgau, thou homeland. How are you so beautiful."

    But of course, the people of Thurgau have their own song as an ode to this beautiful region.
    And Thurgau is the first canton to have its own PanoramaKnife and a board. Wait, the board was first. Never mind. The main thing is that it matches.
    Cut perfectly and serve, with the most important monuments for the locals and the tourists.

    Are you also a canton? From 300 knives and/or 100 boards, you can have your most beautiful memory made by us.

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Showing 1 - 25 of 25 items