Premana is a small village in the Orobic Alps, east of Lake Como. For a few months, in the 15th century, this part of Italy even belonged to Switzerland.

The knife and scissors industry in Premana has also been firmly established in the valley for 100 years, thanks to an ore deposit. 150 small and smallest family businesses produce almost all of Italy’s cutting tools, as well as part of our Panorama Knives! The small family business, that is Louis Pomoni, Franco Pomoni, Marco Pomoni and Aurelio Pomoni, has been on bord since the beginning and puts a lot of handicraft, heart and soul, as well as a lot of love for detail into the production of the PanoramaKnife products. Since 2018 Pomonis has been producing the majority of these products in the Swiss PanoramaKnife production facility in Vicosoprano! We are very proud of this valuable and important cooperation. Many thanks, Pomoni family!


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