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  • Our first three-country series.
    Lake Constance United. Or better yet, where Germany, Austria and Switzerland are still really green. Or blue. Or white. Those who don't come from the region may not know that, but the people around Lake Constance like each other and do an enormous amount together across national ...

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  • To be considered before the wedding.
    Believe us, we don't really care who you marry. What doesn't not matter and is much more important, is how you cut your cake. Ultimately, it has to last two lives. Tragic that our XL knives and the specially designed cake plates (yes, they also work for salty food) probably last ...

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  • 1+1 = more than 2.
    Arithmetic is quite an emotional matter. Mathematicians don't see it that way, but when you have the chance to give more than twice as much pleasure with a gift, then the absolute numbers play a subordinate role. To cut a long story short: After launching the Limited Edition...

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  • Gift sets with discount: Like Christmas and Easter on the same day.
    What can I bring, what do I treat myself to? You can do it again this year like last year or the year before last - or the year before ... - or you can do it like every year from now on: You give something that your friends or family don't have yet. One of our partner gift sets. ...

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  • Now they're coming up with Valentine's Day.
    That's right, dear customers and with a probability bordering on certainty "lovers - or would-be lovers". You've known us for a while now; as a rule, we rarely do what makes sense. We often do things simply because we can or because one of us had an idea and we want to try i...

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  • Readers get more out of life. Or pay less.
    A few weeks ago, dear customers, we made you our thank you offer. With the voucher of 20 CHF, you can shop at a lower price until 31st January. It is valid from as little as 99 CHF. Simply enter the code PK-January20 when ordering online and benefit.  As myShoppi...

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  • What will this year be like?
    Of course, we don't know that either, but if you continue with us as you did last year, then together we have very good prospects. To the summits of our panoramas and to a good 2019. That is what we all wish for. Horoscopes are always booming at the beginning of the year. And ou...

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  • Become a better giver too!
    Do you know the feeling when you think for hours about birthday and Christmas gifts and still don't come up with what you can give the people who already have everything in order to evoke real joy? Unpleasant, isn't it? Many of you, no, all of you have bought a Pano...

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  • There is no better gift for mountaineers.
    Advertising exaggeration or exaggerated self-esteem? Not at all: For mountaineers, all climbing fans and admirers of the highest peaks in the world there are now two Special Editions, designed by Reinhold Messner and available in different versions. Of course with h...

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  • Somewhat expensive, but the perfect gift for knife lovers.
    We present the Vintage Edition: The Best of Switzerland - 2 universal knife set with handles made of Davos sledge wood. Many of you, if not all, have experienced their first adventures in the snow with this sledge. The DAVOSER sledge is associated with many emotions a...

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