Region Bergstrasse

As part of the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar metropolitan regions, the Bergstrasse region consists of ten towns, twelve other municipalities and the municipality-free area of Michelbuch. The Bergstrasse has become a popular tourist destination mainly because of its mild climate and the early blossoming of the trees. The Romans already knew how to take advantage of this and cultivated their wine there, which, by the way, still ripens on the sunny mountain slopes today. In addition, the romantic castles and palaces on the nearby mountain slopes regularly attract visitors. At weekends, day trippers and people seeking local recreation from the neighbouring metropolises and the surrounding countryside can be found. The Bergstrasse castles, palaces and parks invite you to soak up the peace and quiet. But also the view from the beautiful mountain peaks down to the Rhine plain makes for an impressive memory! A memory captured on these beautiful PanoramaKnife products.

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