Best of Alaska, BBQ 2pcs Set (Spatula & Tongs)

CHF 159.90

Tongs: Mount Iliamna, Mount Redoubt, Mount Marathon, Mount Alyeska, Flattop Mountain, Ptarmigan Peak, Pioneer Peak, Sleeping Lady, Mount Foraker, Mount Hunter, Denali
Spatula: Mount Foraker, Mount Hunter, Denali, Moose’s Tooth, Mount Silverthrone, Mount Hayes

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Mystical and mysterious, these are not uncommon adjectives that are often read in connection with “Alaska”. This fact is certainly due to Alaska’s infinite natural treasures. A nature to enjoy and to linger. Time to linger and enjoy together with your most important people. Time for a stylish barbecue!

Whether on the patio, in the garden, on the beach or camping, our professional BBQ grill cutlery will ensure your perfect grilling experience. Including mountain panorama, of course. As usual, this is located where it has a use:

At the turner: the mountains can be used to pick up, chop and distribute the grilled food.
On the barbecue tongs: The mountain panorama provides a special grip when grilling the food.

It is the first barbecue cutlery to be handmade in Switzerland. Its wooden handles are just as innovative. These are magnetic and can be removed easily. So you can simply clean your barbecue cutlery (made of high-quality stainless steel) in the dishwasher. The handles are made of walnut and enjoy gentle cleaning by hand.