Matterhorn, Aperitif platter

CHF 89.90

Diameter: approx. 25 cm


Vesper platter aperitif platter or «Znüniplättli», no matter what you call it, it is definitely going to afford enjoyment. You present your lovingly prepared delicacies on it and surprise your guests with an extraordinary design.

The mountain you see on this wooden platter is a familiar sight to most children. The majestic Matterhorn, the symbol of Switzerland, rises to an altitude of 4,478 meters and lies on the border of the canton of Valais in western Switzerland. However, it is actually not its size that made it famous, but its remarkable shape.

Diameter: approx. 25 cm

Please note: Its linseed oil coat accentuates the wood’s grain and protects against moisture. It may bend when wet. Let dry with the side down so it regains its original shape. To ensure a long useful life, rub it down with a drop of natural oil.

Important: This is a natural product. The wood’s grain, shape and lightness may vary greatly and differ from the product shown.