Portes du Soleil, Wooden cutting board

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Dimensions: approx. 30 x 20 x 1.5 cm

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Some think that it is a shame to cut things on our nice boards and simply use them to present delicious things. Usually for guests only. We believe that the first cut may hurt but after the third the charm of the used utensil will take over and combine itself with the eternal beauty of the peaks.
We have put the wonderful peaks in maple into a walnut wood board.

Please wash by hand and wipe with some edible oil from time to time, then it will stay beautiful forever.

Mountains: Dents du Midi, La Cime de l‘Est, Haute Cime, Dent de la Chaux, Tour Sallière, Grand Ruan, Dent de Bonavau, Dent de Barme, Dents Blanches, Dent du Signal, Corne au Taureau

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