The Mythen, Wooden chopping board, rustic, XL

CHF 109.90

Dimensions: approx. 40 x 25 cm


Switzerland’s landmark towers majestically over the valley basin. The Grosse Mythen, also affectionately referred to as the “Hikers’ Matterhorn”. Sunrise on the Grosser Mythen is a unique experience of its own. Together with the Kleiner Mythen, it forms an impressive mountain massif with a spectacular view.

This delightful oak cutting board is not glued, but made of a single piece of wood. Its linseed oil coat accentuates the wood’s grain and protects against moisture.

You can use it for cutting, chopping or for serving small delicacies.

Please note: It may bend when wet. Let dry with the side down so it regains its original shape. To ensure a long useful life, rub it down with a drop of natural oil.

Important: This is a natural product. The wood’s grain, shape and lightness may vary greatly and differ from the product shown.