Zurich City, Universal knife DLC

CHF 109.90

Panorama: Polybahn, Opernhaus, Grossmünster, Limmat, Fraumünster, St. Peter, Üetliberg


A popular everyday helper that is guaranteed to fit in every kitchen and provide you with the best support when preparing food. Or you can use it as an elegant table knife for your guests.

Its blade is made of “diamond-like carbon”, or “DLC” for short. This material belongs to the diamond-like carbons and convinces with maximum hardness. It is particularly robust and scratch-resistant. But not only its functionality is exceptional, the look also makes this knife a real design object.

On its blade are the most popular sights of the city of Zurich.

Its handle is made of walnut as usual.

Please wash by hand!

Whole knife: approx. 25.9 x 3.1 x 1.8 cm
Blade: approx. 15 x 2.5 x 0.2 cm