Gourmet-Breakfast-Set with honey

CHF 69.90


Treat yourself and your loved ones with this original gift set. Together with three young beekeepers from Pfannenstil in Zurich, we have developed this honey/breakfast knife. The blade can be used to cut the bread or braid and the tip of the knife is used to spread the desired spread. Thanks to the small holes, you can use it to elegantly drizzle honey on the baked goods.

The honey comes from the apiary of the young beekeepers mentioned above, who sell their honey under the name “Pfanni-Honig.ch”. Inherited from their great-grandfather, they have renovated it and have been producing their Pfanni honey ever since. Of course, the honey is only available in limited quantities, so as the Swiss would say: “Es hät solangs hät!”.

“En Guätä!”

Learn more about the creation of the Pfanni-honey (Video)

The following products are included in the set:
1x Pfanni-honey
1x Honey-, Breakfastknife 4in1, Best of Switzerland